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A Book Club q and a with presenter Nathaniel Parker
TV Book Club Magazine
January 2010

Nathaniel Parker has had a hugely succesful TV and film career from Disney to Dickens. Nathaniel's film career hhas seen him star in Hamlet, The Bodyguardm, Wide Sargasso Sea , Disney's The Haunted Mansion, Stardust and Flawless. Some of his many television appearances include Joanna Trollope's A Village Affair, Thomas Harddy Far from the Madding Crowd and The Private Life of Samuel Pepys. He played Inspector Lynley in the Inspector Lynley Mysteries and, recently, Lord Lawrence Hoxley in BBC's Land Girls. He also played the role of Harold Skimpole in the critically acclaimed version of Charles Dickens's  Bleak House.

What was the first book you ever read?
The first one I read cover to cover was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

What is your favorite children's book?
I read a lot of children's books onto tape, so lots of them. For little kids I'd say Blue Kangaroo. I read Asterix, but you don't get it untill you're older. I also loved reading Young Bond, and Artemis Fowl onto tape. My favorite girls' book is Black Beauty, it made me sop.

Which book has the most memories for you?
Bleak House - I had to read it at school. it's the first real thriller ever writen and, ofcourse, I had to be in it so had a chance to read it again.

If you could be a character in any book, which one and why?
I have been! But if I cold choose, Gabriel Oak from Far from the the Madding Crowd. I had a girlfriend in the old days saying I should be more like him; he's thoughtful, pushy, strong and carries lambs over his shoulder!

Which book character do you thinnk you are most like and why?
I would hope Gabriel Oak but I shouldn't! Inspector Lynley? We've almost merged over the years. Other than that, I'm not sure.

Are there any books that you think should be made into a film/TV programme?
So many of the best already have been. From the more recent selection, I'd say Sadie Jones'Small Wars - talking about immersing yourself in another world. The characters were so troubled and twisted. It was just gripping.

What would be your desert island book?
 Catch-22 or the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

Have you ever turned to the last page to see how a book ends?
No. It's like cheating. I have relations who urn to the last page first. I won't name them.

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