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By Nathaniel Parker

Nathaniel Parker, 49, is best known as the star of The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Far From The Madding Crowd and Vanity Fair. He plays a murder suspect in the ITV1 thriller Injustice which airs from Monday to Friday, June 6-10 at 9pm. a

Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
Vintage, £7.99

A wondrous book with many layers. When I first read it at 14 the story of war and passion really inspired me. It was like reading something in neon: everything came alive. As a teenager you start to feel the world is against you and I identified strongly with Yossarian and his dilemma. One of the funniest things Iíve ever read.

Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl
Puffin, £6.99

Parental pride, thatís the crux of this story. Danny and his father go through such a wonderful formative experience. I read it on to audiobook and sobbed four or five times in the recording booth: it gets me every time, particularly now Iím an orphan. Iíd love to film the story. Dahl was a genius.

Bleak House by Charles Dickens
Penguin, £9.99

Quite hard work, you get sentences half a paragraph long, but so rewarding. Itís the best thriller. It was fantastically exciting to be in the TV adaptation: I re-read the book to see if it was as impressive as I thought it was at school. It is. Magnificent.

Le Grand Meaulnes by Henri Alain-Fournier
Penguin, £8.99
The most delightful book about the confusions of first love. You recognise so much. My wife Anna and I read this together early in our relationship, on our first trip abroad through the Loire Valley, where the storyís set. Heaven.

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
Vintage, £8.99

An incredibly detailed history of two surgeon brothers who grow up in Ethiopia and live through the revolution. Complicated and thick but it opens your eyes to a another world. The operations are so vivid. You picture the blood dripping on to the floor and the sawdust catching it.

The Outcast
by Sadie Jones
Vintage, £7.99
Sadie Jones has a great way with words: Iím a big fan. This tells the story of a 19-year-old boy as heís released from jail in Fifties England. Beautifully crafted, wonderfully filmic, very real and emotional. It keeps you guessing. All you want in a book.

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