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Nathaniel Parker as Dicky
BBC Drama
26 June 2015

Tell us about Dicky as a character
Heís the heart and soul of a small village. Heís the guy that runs the factory, heís the guy who has the Rolls Royce, and heís the guy who lives in the manor house. Heís somebody we all recognise, but he has a darker side. He is an affable guy but there is a secret behind him which is hideous. He can be sympathetic, but only to a point; as soon as something falls outside his comfort zone he doesnít like it.
What is his relationship with his family?
Heís enamoured by his daughter, Tamsin. I think more so than with his wife, Claire. He and his wife have an understanding and sheís been put in her place already by him physically. Heís slapped her around for some years by the time we get to the story. As horrible as it is, sheís accepted it and doesnít see a way out, which is why sheís still there. Tamsin is sort of always on his side and doesnít really stick up for her sister, Kit, when Kit challenges him.
What is his relationship with Lewis?
His sympathies to Lewis and Gilbert only extend so far. I think he sees Lewis as a rival, and gets incredibly jealous when Tamsin develops something with him, and he takes that out on Tamsin.

What was Dicky like to play?

I found it very tricky. He is a really ghastly man. It took me a few weeks to come down from playing him because heís such a horrible piece of work. Iíve played murderers and killers before, and playing Henry VIII is hard to come down from physically, but this guy is just hideous.
Did you ever think about why he behaved the way he did?
He was probably brought up like this himself. His mother was probably dominated by his father and he was probably sent away to boarding school at a very early age. If he had a son, his son would be very similar to him. Emotionally, he has no depth; things are either black or white. And he can convince himself that heís right about anything in a matter of moments.
What attracted you to the role?
It was a leap for me playing someone so dark. People might think thatís funny as Iíve been playing Henry VIII who killed two of his wivesÖ but itís a very different character.One of the main reasons was that Sadie wanted me to do it and Iím a huge fan of Sadieís, I think sheís just wonderful. I love her writing and have championed The Outcast since it was released. I loved reading it so I couldnít turn down the chance to be in it. And itís also exciting to play a horrible baddie.
When you were filming this you were also appearing on stage as Henry VIII. Was that a challenge?
It was a hell of challenge, getting your head of out of one character and in to another. I always thought it would be great fun to do things in the West End and film or television at the same time, that it would be glamorous. And I did get to get a taxi bike sometimes, which was glamorous! It was very tough but very exciting. I really enjoyed both bits of work though, so I was a lucky devil.
What can audiences expect from The Outcast?
Itís emotionally challenging but also inspiring. It will hopefully make everyone take a deep breath.

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